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Advocacy Committees

Key Areas of Advocacy/Committees

Sub-Committee Members


To support reconstruction that is transparent, accountable, and inclusive of the Haitian population, the Haitian Diaspora and African-Americans. (needs strengthening)
Aline Lauture* - Lead
Bernice Powell Jackson
Bishop Sarah Davis* - Lead
Daniel Faustin, M.D.
Elvire Youlie Douglas
Major Joseph Benedal
Marie St. Fleur
Marli Lalanne
Dr. Robert Murray

To support policies that contribute to the economic vitality and sustainability of all participants in the agricultural sector with particular attention to small farmers.
Aline Lauture*
Daniel Faustin, M.D.
Joel Augustin, M.D.* - Lead
Ludovic Comeau, PhD.
Pastor James Victor
Pastor Randy G. Vaughn
Robert Nicolas
Ronald Harvey


To promote fair and humane immigration policy.
Dr. Riggins R. Earl, Jr.
Mayor Joseph Champagne, Esq.
Pastor Terrence Griffith
Judge Lionel Jean-Baptiste*
Kathi L. Reid*

To open non-partisan advocacy office in Washington, D.C.

Aline Lauture*
Bishop Sarah Davis*
Dr. David Goatley*- Lead
Dr. Iva Carruthers
Herbert Jean-Baptiste
Jocelyn McCalla*
Joel Augustin, M.D.*
Johnny Anderson*
Judge Lionel Jean-Baptiste*
Marie St. Fleur*
Marli Lalanne
Pastor Samuel Tolbert
Kathi L. Reid

*steering committee members