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Haiti Earthquake

AABMC Magazine - Summer 2012

AABMC Magazine - Summer 2012

Haiti Will Rise: 2 Years Later. Cover Photo: It's a tradition for Haitians to carry water, food and etc. on their heads, similar to this lady near Santo Village in Leogane.

On the 3rd Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

A devastating earthquake "rocked the world" of Haitians on 12 January 2010.  Three years have passed, and most of the world doesn't pay much attention to Haiti anymore.  Too many promises have not kept.  Too much money has not been spent (or it has been spent in ways that do not benefit the Haitian survivors).  Life continues to be a grind for too many Haitians. 

The 2nd Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake

A few weeks ago, a brother asked, “Are we still doing anything in Haiti?”

My answer was an emphatic, "Yes we are!"  On this second anniversary of the January 2010 earthquake, I invite you to remember those who perished, to remember those who struggle, to rejoice in our service, and to recommit to helping Haiti rise again.  The world will never be the same again for hundreds of thousands of Haitians. The devastating earthquake that destroyed lives, livelihoods, and land two years ago today continues to shape the realities of most Haitians. 

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