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Senate Hearing “Rebuilding Haiti in the Martelly Era”

We will attend the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing "Rebuilding Haiti in the Martelly Era" about reconstruction in Haiti this afternoon.  We share this with you because this development is directly related to the work that you have been supporting in the aftermath of the historic earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010.  You should be able to view the hearing live.  

We Are Delivering through Services

Following the earthquake, Lott Carey was immediately involved in responding through shelter, food, medical services, cash grants, and the like.  Beyond Lott Carey's direct service delivery support, we have been part of the African American Baptist Mission Collaboration which is a partnership the leading Baptist Communities of African American heritage: the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.; National Baptist Convention of America; National Missionary Baptist Convention of America; and Progressive National Baptist Convention.  In 2010, we pledged and paid a grant of one million dollars ($1M) to Habitat for Humanity International to provide housing solutions.  Our investment of transitional shelters in Cabaret has benefited more than 8,100 people.  Our investment of permanent housing solutions in Leogane will result in building 80 or more houses in a new planned neighborhood of safe and secure housing of 500 units.  Additionally, our support will enable people to receive training on financial literacy as well as a facility for skills training to improve employability opportunities for people in that area.  

Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2011 and throughout 2012, we will coordinate several short-term missions’ assignment opportunities to serve in Haiti.  We will announce the schedule in August.  We also have the capacity to shape short-term missions assignments for churches or organizations who have a team that desires to work together.  Our project manager for service and advocacy in Haiti is Kathi L. Reid ( who is ready and able to resource you in these efforts.  

We Are Delivering through Advocacy

In March 2011, our office (which is the coordinating node for The Collaboration) facilitated A Summit on Advocacy for Haiti on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  More than 50 people attended from the Haitian Diaspora and African American church communities.  This Advocacy Coalition includes the participation of the above mentioned Baptist communions of African American heritage as well as the African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, and Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  Further, our new advocacy community includes African American congregations in historical Anglo American denominations.  This coalition of African American Christian Communities and the Haitian Diaspora is an unprecedented expression of solidarity and community and cooperation.  

Our advocacy agenda is designed: 

  1. To support reconstruction that is transparent, accountable, and inclusive of the Haitian population, the Haitian Diaspora and African-Americans;
  2. To advance policies that contribute to the economic vitality and sustainability of all participants in the agricultural sector with particular attention to small farmers; and,
  3. To promote fair and humane immigration policy.

Among the victories that we celebrate being part of is the decision by the federal government to extend the Temporary Protective Status for Haitians in the US through January 2013.  This prevented large-scale deportations to Haiti which is ill-equipped to absorb the additional citizens.   

Further, we requested US Senate hearings to clarify processes and progress around reconstruction to ensure inclusion and transparency.  This is the hearing Ms. Reid and I will attend today.  

The missional agenda for the church includes evangelism, compassion, empowerment, and advocacy.  We rejoice in our service to the Reign of God in this world as we advocate for justice for our sisters and brothers in Haiti.  Thank you for your partnership in this ministry