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Team Trinity on watch for God!!

Under the leadership of Deacon Tony Taylor, fourteen men and women representing 10 congregations arrived in Haiti on Saturday, November 29, 2014.  Calling themselves 'Team Trinity', this team came on a mission of God to serve the people of Lambi Village.  Their excitement has captured everyone they have come in contact with from the people who run and manage the guest house to the entire Lambi Village.  The team spent Sunday worshipping at two downtown Port-au-Prince historical churches: First Baptist Church and St. Paul A.M.E.  Following church services the team guided toured at the Museum of Haiti history. 

Below, in their own words, are some of the highlights of Team Hope's mission assignment during this week:

Monday, 1 December 2014:

"Highlight for the day, I learned to use power tools to cut plywood, which was definitely out of my comfort zone.  But the most moving experience was when I 3was working with the children in the Community Center and one of the children went over and flipped the light switch and the lights came on.  IMMEDIATELY the children erupted in praise and celebration because there were lights on.  I was moved to my soul behind them being so appreciative of what we take for granted."  Submitted by:  Robin Woodberry, New Bethel Baptist Church, Youngstown, Ohio.  Senior Pastor: Rev. Kenneth L. Simon.

"Today was a special day with several highlights.  Coming back to Haiti and seeing some progress, meeting old friends and making new ones, making rebar again but the best highlight was having my serve with Team Trinity. " Submitted by:  Tony Taylor, Convent Avenue Baptist Church, Harlem, NY. Rev. Dr. Jesse T. Williams, Jr. 

"My highlight of my day was reuniting with the people o f Lambi Village. My Boss Johnnie for the rebar, assigned me the title of teacher. He asked my age and said my heart did reflect it.  It was certainly affirmation of my call to Haiti and what I love to do. The joy of meeting friends from my last journey too was a delight of knowing God’s favor; I dream of coming to again. Finally, working with the children in the community with Janel, singing songs, telling bible stories and playing gamea made a hard day’s work a blessing in service."  Submitted by:  Donna Fitzgerald, Calvary Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland.  Dr. Stephen J. Russell, Jr.

"My highlight today was talking to the young men of Lambi Village.   They wanted to know how to get closer to God, how to pray to God and why God do not answer their prayers."  Ervin McDaniel. St. Timothy’s Christian Baptist Church, Dr. Carl Washington, Sr. Pastor.       

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

"We started this morning in an all too familiar yet rewarding way…praising our God through devotions. After a leisurely breakfast (we were actually late leaving for the work site today) we jumped into our vans and joined in the steady stream of traffic as we made our way to Lambi Village in Gresslier.

We gathered at the worksite as we usually do and one of the residents asked if we could sing “This Little Light of Mine” and we were all too happy to fulfill His request. After our group prayer, our project foreman announced we would be pouring concrete today. “Pouring concrete” in Haiti is totally different than the process we use in the States…here it is heavy manual-labor-intensive. All of the components of the concrete, rocks, water, sand and even the cement must be moved to the “pour area”. We do this using five gallon buckets, forming a human chain to move the materials along. Although it’s very hot and humid, we joyfully go at our task for more than 2 hours. We are joined by several residents and even some of the children join in. It is truly heart-warming to see the level of effort and pride the residents of Lambi Village put into these arduous tasks. Most of our team is worn out by lunch time however the residents continue at a steady pace.

We spend the afternoon interacting with the children and having a fun time fellowshipping with them. Although I came intending on putting forth an honest day’s work, I must admit, playing with and interacting with the children and residents truly was a blessing."  Submitted by Vernon Hammett, Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia, Rev. Dr. Howard John Wesley, Pastor                                                                                                   

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"Today was a great day for me. It was a great day physically because I was able to accomplish the task that was set before me.  I loved the teamwork. Not just from the missions’ team but also the people in Lambi Village. It was great to see children from age 5 to people in their 70’s working together for one common goal and that was make a better environment for our Christian brothers and sisters to live in. Truly it was example of the saying if everyone would serve everyone would be served. I’m learning the benefit of everyone playing there own unique part in this Christian Journey. The thing that stands out to me about the people I’ve encountered here in Haiti this past week is they  take pride in everything they do and they care very much about their selves, their homes ,and their surroundings. Despite their circumstances they wake up every day proud to be alive and ready to work for what they need and they love their relationship with Christ.

After the work is done I love the afternoons because we get to spend time with the beautiful little ones.  Despite the language barriers I enjoy the fact that hugs, smiles, music, and love is a universal language that we all enjoy."  Submitted by: Nikita Robinson, St. James AUMP Church, Towson, MD, Pastor: Rev. Osborne Robinson Jr.