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Mt. Olive Baptist Church - November 15 - 22, 2014

A team of 10 including Pastor James Victor participated on a mission assignment from November 15 - 22, 2014.  The team spent their time doing service and ministry projects at Lambi Village.  Pastor Victor asked the team to summarize their experience by responding to the following questions:  What was the most meaningful moment on the trip? How/where did you see God at work this week?  How was your faith renewed in humanity on the this trip?

Here are some of the submissions...more to come!  

"The most meaningful moment on the trip for me I think that it was when I realized and was able to see the devastation of the region for myself, the work that needs to be done, the clarity of the fact that dents have been made and my commitment to the work through service. I saw God at work this week during the work collaborations, the perseverance, faith and hope of the people and determination of us to partner with God to create something new for ourselves and themselves. As far as my faith renewal in humanity; working together with this group of individuals taught me more about teamwork and it being ok to allow others to help share your loads, literally and figuratively." Submitted by Kenya Allen.

"Experiencing the faith,  resilience and resourcefulness of Haitian people . I saw GOD at work everywhere, working through the people of grace International, working through the people of Mt olive baptist church, the Lott Carey staff, and first and foremost through the lives of the Haitian people. My faith was renewed in humanity in many ways (more than I know right now until I return home), I believe this trip affirmed that I have a gift of service and can do more so I must do more. I look forward to returning home to share my experience with my family so they can join me in doing more of GODs work."  Submitted by Kimberly Williams-Jenkins.

"The most memorable moment for me was the children and the need for love.  Too have so little their spirits were fulfilling for me. To see the glow in their eyes when we arrive made my heart so full.  I saw God at work this week when we visited the school and orphanage and that explained for me how blessed the Lambi Village truly is and how far they have came. The work there is incredible and tremendous progress has been made. From a smaller perspective but important piece is seeing the beauty of how well we all communicated with each other via prayer.  This trip has broaden my mind to better understand that there are truly people out here in the world that needs me: restored my faith in humanity. I am open to providing more of me physically to more missionary work. This was a great experience for my mind, body and soul." Submitted by Debra Hemingway.

Psalm 133 speaks about the blessedness of unity.  From the onset, the author of this psalm proclaims how very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity.  What’s interesting is to see the words ‘good’ and ‘pleasant’ used together.  This is to slay that just because something is good doesn’t necessarily mean that it is pleasant and just because something is pleasant doesn’t mean it’s good.  For example, it may be good that I go to the doctor or the dentist but it may not necessarily be a pleasant experience.

 On Saturday, November 15, 2014, (Day 1 of our trip) I was the first to arrive at the airport.  It was good, however, to see the rest of the team come in and it was a pleasure to see them introduce themselves to one another as they began to interact with each other.  Things got even better as we ventured into the week.

 It was both good and pleasant to arrive at our destination in Haiti and see faces of familiarity—Pastor Francois Murat and Kathie Reid.  It was both good and pleasant to worship at New Providence AME Church.  It was both good and pleasant to stand together hand in hand in a prayer circle with Johnny, the other leaders and the residents of the Lamdi Village.  Even though it was hot and the work was hard, it was both good and a pleasure working and serving alongside with the men, women, teenagers and the children to accomplish the tasks that had been assigned.

 It was both good and pleasant to interact with the children jumping rope only to be joined by the teenagers and one mother.  It was both good and pleasant to read to the children, teach them English and to sit and meet with the women to share and discuss health issues and other matters of concern—one in particular-- their children being unable to attend school.  We were all kindred who came together in unity.

 This was my second trip to Haiti, which for me was an even deeper and a more enriching and rewarding experience.  I will continue to pray for Haiti and particularly for the residents of Lamdi Village.  My prayer is that God will continue to protect them and that the love He has for them will flow to one another and that they will become one as the Three Persons of the Trinity are One.   Lastly, I will continue to pray for the work that Lott Carey does for the Kingdom of God. Submitted by: Rev. LaVaeda G. Coulter, Mount Olive Baptist Church Haiti Team.