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Men on Missions: Team Impact - November 9 - 16, 2013

Lott Carey 'Men on Mission' arrived in Haiti on November 9, 2013. Eighteen (18) men representing 12 churches from Texas, Michigan, Louisiana, Maryland and Virginia.  This year's 'Team Impact' is composed of five (5) first time missionaries and thirteen (13) men representing three of the teams from fall 2012 'Men on Mission' teams. The youngest team member is 16 year old Jeremiah who reminds us all that he will be 17 next week (Happy Birthday!). Our most senior team member is 66 years of age.  Three pastors, one minister and many deacons are on the team. The men arrived excited and ready to build and serve.  Deacon Earl Carpenter served as team leader. 

During the week, Team Impact divided into teams (paint, cement, rebar, trusses, and screens) to with a goal to raise the walls and prepare for raising the roof.  Grace International organized and requested the team to host and teach daily seminars with the men of the village on: 'the godly man', 'the godly husband', 'the godly father', and 'life lessons for men' (see the summaries below).  The men also visited three (3) schools in the Carrefour and Lambi area.  After spending long days at Lambi doing construction and teaching, Team Impact decided to go to the beach and travel to Petionsville to experience other facets of Haiti's culture. 

The team wanted to make an impact and indeed they did. When asked by the Grace host if they wanted to donate funds to the traditional 'Community Feast', the team opted instead to donate 600USD to purchase a junction box, including labor, for the first cluster of 12 homes to move closer to having electricity. The homeowners still have to purchase meters, pay the initial installation costs for connect and cover their montly electricity costs.  

My Personal Experience from Michael Staunton, Oakland Baptist Church (Pastor Donald C. Hayes), Alexandria, Virginia, states:

"My trip to Haiti was an emotional roller-coaster.  I knew the people of Haiti were still in desperate need of just the basics of things but I didn’t envision how great that need was.   I was overwhelmed with how much still was left to be done but I was captivated with the people who have such a spirit of hopefulness and strength to overcome any obstacles.  The touring of the schools touched my heart in such a way that it is my prayer that my wife and I will be able to sponsor a child.     

Before I departed on the trip, the metro Washington D.C. members met for an orientation briefing led by Deacon Earl Carpenter.  I was cautioned then what to expect and how to interact with the Haitian people.  I kidded with the WashDC group while in Haiti that they undersold me on how difficult the trip would be.  It was extremely hot throughout most of the daylight hours spent in the village and I never worked so hard in my life but being out there with a great punch of men with one common cause which was to serve God was truly amazing! Haiti has changed my life.  I thank God and Lott Carey for the opportunity to serve and I look forward to going back! I hope to never forget this experience nor the people of Haiti. There is still much to be done!"

Please see the summary below which captures some of the Men on Missions daily activities:

Day 1:

Upon arrival at Lambi the men start their day with devotions and prayer. They greet some of the acquaintances from their first short-term mission to Haiti. Then, they immediately get to work on a new home, the foundation is in and the walls are already going up. Local laborers and villiagers are already at work and waiting for them to lend a hand. 

Some of the men worked on the new duplex, some will put finishing touches on others, some went to work on the trusses and others on rebar. There is plenty of work for everyone!

At the end of each day the three pastors and ministers host an interactive Bible study for the men of the village and the laborers. These are for the men only and replicate the seminars held by the Women in Service Everywhere (WISE) team from the week before.  Here are highlights from Day 1 and beyond: 

The Godly Man - Pastor Keyon Peyton, New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

The following is a summary of Pastor Peyton's lesson to the men:

Every facet of your life stand up and be gthe man God called you to be. He is expecting you to be a leade in every place in your life. Leader of yourself, of your family, in your church, in your community and at work.  How many of you are really ready to step up and lead and be responsible.  Lessons for being a godly man:

1) Have to have a personal relationship with God;

2) God understand that you are not perfect;

3) It is okay to make mistakes, but as you trust God It is important to lean on Him (Proverb 3:5-6);

Genesis 3: (Adam)

Adam made mistakes even in his mistakes and imperfections God came looking for him. No matter how you live your life, our God who is sovereign is able to take the good and the bad and change your life. 

Genesis 12: Abraham

God blessed his family and his seed. Abraham would not have been successful if he was hung up on pride.  As men, we have to surrenderr our lives to God. God called Abraham to leave everything important to him, he uprooted him to prove that his faith was sincere to God. 

Joshua 24:12 (Joshua - The Mighty Commander)

Because of his faith and his trust in God, Joshua was able to lead his people on a mission that was impossible without God. 

In order to be a 'Godly Man', you must:

1) Be leaders

2) Maintain godly standards in your home

Day 2:

'The Godly Husband' - Minister Myron Euille, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

The following is a summary of Minister Euille's message to the men:

Scripture: Matthew 19; 1 Peter 3:7

Marriage is ordained by God, therefore it is holy! The marriage relationship is so holy that it is compared to the relationship of Christ and the Church. Marriage provides:

1) Relationship - A husband is not just a father and provider and his wife is not just the mistress of the house or the mother of the children. But, the husband and his wife are partners here on earth and the two are to walk side-by-side as one; 

2) Godly husband is the head of his wife and household: Kinship is leadership, every family needs leadership. The man is to be the head of his wife as Christ is the head of the Church;

3) Love and consideration of his wifes needs before his own;

4) Portait of a 'godly husband':

A. He honors his wife with both work and deed;

B. He understands that he does not own his wife; 

C. He treats his wife as a gift. 

D. honors God by being committed to one wife (adultery and fornication are sinful and dishonors God);

E. Does not abuse his wife; and, 

F. Does not live in drunkardness.

Day 3: "The Godly Father' - Pastor John Kirklin, True Vine Missionary Baptist Church

The following is a summary of Pastor Kirklin's lesson to the men:

Day three began with morning tours of three Grace International Schools.  Many members of the "Men on a Mission" team had either sponsored children the year before or on previous visits so the tours were a wonderful opportunity for those men to see how through God their caring was benefitting the children of Haiti.  The Team was introduced to school Administrators at each stop and were given time to speak to some of the classes, pictures were also taken with sponsored kids. The group was very impressed with the circulum being taught even at the youngest of ages.  The dedication of the teachers was also not lost on the men.  These teachers devote their lives to this young people for not a lot a pay.  At one school the Kindergarten teacher opened up to the group by saying that most of the children arrive not having had anything to eat.  The schools did get meals provided by a sponsoring organization but the food had stop coming.  She was very concerned for her students and was hopefully that the meals would start again.  


By mid morning the Team arrived at the village to continue the building projects began at the beginning of the week. Painting throughout the village continued as well as the crafting of the trusses.  The “concrete team” worked on the project house by mixing and pouring concrete as well as laying concrete blocks.  With a lot of additional hands around, the village took advantage of the men by requesting additional side projects such as digging holes for a fence and attaching barbwire to keep larger animals out of vegetable plantings.  All the men took on each task with such an enthusiasm that it became contagious throughout the village.    

"The Godly Father' - Pastor John Kirklin, True Vine Missionary Baptist Church

Luke 15:22 - 23 (The Prodical Son) 

If you have children and they see you doing things of the world your children will do what they saw you doing!  "Daddy did it and I can do it."  To raise children we must raise them Christlike. God is speaking to us about a father and his love for his son. When the son received what his father gave him instead of him doing the righteous thing he did evil with it, he went into the world and spent his inheritance.  When he had nothing left and fell into the lowest point of his life (hungry, cold, penniless).  This same son ended up sleeping and eating with the hogs,  

But, because is God; whatever we need God got it. This son came to his senses and realized that his father had wealth and went back home. 

1) Teach your children the word of God - let this word be in you as it in the Lord Savior Jesus Christ;

2) Set an example for your children by living a righteous life;

3) Just as God is the head of the church, you must be head of your family;

Day 4: 'Life Lessons for Men and Women' - Pastor Alvin Noel, True Light Missionary Baptist Church, Lake Charles, Louisiana

The following is a summary of Pastor Noel's lesson to the adults of Lambi Village:

 The final day of lessons was intially intended for the men of Lambi. But as the 'Men on Missions' engage in conversation with the 'Men of Lambi' they decided to invite the 'Women of Lambi' to discuss life lessons.  The group included: Married (Men and Women), Single, Widowed and Divorced.  

Gen. 2:21-24; Gen. 16:1-16, 17:15-19; Jn. 4:16-18, 28-30; I Cor. 7:1-6, 8:16, 25-28; Eph. 5:22-24, 25-33; I Pet. 3:1-6, 7

God is a Good God.  He placed man in a beautiful garden and asked him to develop it. God saw that Man was lonely, so He gave him a help-meet, a woman, to help him.


1.      Marriage is God’s Idea

a.       He created it

b.      He designed it

c.       He established it

d.      He’s not changing His plan


2.      God Ordained Marriage Between Man and Woman

a.       The joining of two to become one

b.      The bonding is a lifelong relationship

c.       Neither man nor woman is to lose their identity.  Man is to be a man; Woman is to be a woman.


3.      Marriage is not Maintenance Free

a.       It requires work.


4.      Marriage is like a precious Gem.

a.       It takes time to develop over a period of time.


5.      When Adam was single –

a.       He was complete in God.

b.      He had fellowship with God.

c.       He was comforted by God.

d.      He waited on God.


6.      Eve was single also until God brought her to Adam for marriage.

a.       Adam treated her with respect.

b.      He didn’t curse her.

c.       He didn’t abuse her.

d.      He didn’t mistreat her.

e.       He didn’t publicly embarrass her.


7.      When God joined a man and a woman they become One –“Unity”

a.       Cleaving and leaving

b.      Oneness in God


8.      They didn’t have money for the wedding but God married them.


9.      They didn’t have human guests, they had the animals Adam named as an audience, as God joined them together.


10.  For Singles, Widows, Divorce

a.       Do what’s right, it’s better to marry than to burn or stay a single person or widower or divorce.

b.      Keep yourselves from the lust of the flesh.

c.       Wait on the Lord.

d.      God honors marriages that are joined by Him and not hookups.


11.  The Widows

a.       You can remarry or

b.      You can remain single so God can use you.


12.  Wives, you win your husband with your inward appearance, not the outer – makeup, etc., won’t do it; it’s the Spirit on the inside of you.


13.  Finally to All

a.       Sex is not recreation

b.      Physical love is a gift from God to be shared by husbands and wives.

Men on Mission #5 - Team Impact participants:

Dallas Area:

Rev. Bernard Brewer, Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church

Detroit Area:

Gary Spann, Jeremiah Murray, Pastor Keyon Payton, New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

Louisiana Home & Foreign Missionary Baptist State Convention:

Deacon Vernice Green and Jeremy Jack, Greater St. Mary's Missionary Baptitst Church

Kenneth Reeves, Greater Starlight Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Bernard Brewer, Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church

Deacon Donald Evans, Greater Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church

Norris Bonton, Starlight Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor John Kirkland, True Vine Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Alvin Noel, True Liht Missionary Baptist Church

Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. area:

Team Leader: Deacon Earl A. Carpenter, Trinidad Baptist Church; 

Derek Slocum, The Sanctuary @ Kingdom Square

Deacon Andrew Parker and Michael Staunton, Oakland Baptist Church;  

Minister Myron Euille and Deacon George Floyd, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

Deacon Herbert Hawkins, Maple Springs Baptist Church