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Lambi Village - Team Hope - March 1 - 8, 2014

Seven Men to Haiti, they called themselves Team Hope. For two, it is their first visit but the others were returning to keep on building.  They were shocked and amazed at the progress made in the village since their March 2014 short-term mission. They came with open hearts to serve compassionately and ready hands to build and do whatever they were tasked to do.  It was a week of much pleasure and joy.   

Ron Davis, St. Paul Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC:

I know black people are very creative. The most impressive thing I saw in Haiti was a TV mounted on a tree and people standing around looking at a show. 

The kids in the village worked just as hard as the adults – everyone worked hard. The team made a lot of progress, we got to meet new people and I’m looking forward to next week.

Ron Dean, St. Paul Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC:

Coming back again from 2013 to 2014 I was really impressed at the amount of work done. I was also impressed by the people and in village that they saw the God in us. They saw that God hadn’t forgotten about them and everyday was a good day. Everyone working together even the little children. It was a beautiful experience.

Part of the ministry in doing mission work is to get out of yourself and to serve someone else. There was so much unity on the team. Five of us came together and I knew another one of the guys from last year and formed a new relationship with Smitty.  There was so much wisdom with in the team.

Jersey Joe Wilson, Sr., St. Paul Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC (team leader):

This was my second trip and in 2013 I did not know what to expect. Arriving in the village it was like a big family reunion. Lots of hugs and hello. It reinforced my feelinga bout missions and that  missions is essential. I wish that more folk would come here and have that understanding. This isn’t something you can show a vision and people get an understanding you have to see it. A homeless person in the u.s. can get three meals in Haiti, the people are lucky if they get one meal.

Black folk in America thanks God for the blessing they receive.  We thank God for the relationship and when we see black folk come here you give us hope. This is what God gives His believers is hope for whatever we are going through today will be better tomorrow. The missionaries coming here give them hope that they will move from tents to houses. And I will be back again next year.

Greg Johnson, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.:

I’m impressed with the progress of the village since last year.  Also, the unity in the village - in terms of the work ethics was awesome. I felt a part of the village with the love and the spiritually it was very welcoming. Being from the states and seeing someone from the 3rd world, the concept of love was overwhelming. I’m willing to come back and be of service and to do the work of the Lord. I thoroughly admire the women who work alongside us guys.


Pastor Sewall Smith, Open Bible House of Prayer Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD:

This was my first time on a mission trip and I thought I had an understanding of what I was going to see and when I got here I was just in awe. After the feeling of awe begin to subside I had a feeling of shame because I had a nerve to complain about situations I have and now as I am about to leave, I feel like the lad who had the little small lunch. No matter how little I have I have to turn it over to the Lord and let him work it out. And if God be willing, I will be back again next year with a little bigger lunch.

Alex Stokes, St. Paul Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC:

Since this was my second Lott Carey trip, I notice that even in the village it was coming along well. Everything was moving real swift. The people were still there and had hope.  What we can do to improve the village is something for the kids like a small swing set and something for the adults as well (i.e. basketball hoop). Going up the mountain yesterday showed the structured organized living and the Baptist Mission is doing a great work.  I will be disappointed if I am not able to come back. Returning will get me out of my comfort zone.

David Henderson:, St. Paul Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC                       

It’s been very emotional spiritual trip for me. The kids really touched all of our spirits in Haiti. Also, the people are very go getters in Haiti. I have never experienced people on both sides of the street at 7 a.m. up bright and early and busy. Haiti needs a lot of work and also the little work we did, I thank God for but sometimes I wonder if it’s enough. I also like to hope that Lott Carey would continue to do God’s work in Haiti.  I had some challenges with my passport and it was only by the grace of God that I was able to make the journey and prayerfully, I will be back next year.