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Relief Provisions for Haiti

Our family in Haiti is continuing to provide immediate relief, and they are hoping for additional support from the international community soon, especially in areas not receiving media interests.  While most of the world's attention is on the tragedy of Port-au-Prince, others are suffering as well from the earthquake and from a lack of attention and response.

‘Stepping Up’ for Haiti

We heard from our network of churches in Haiti today.  Our leaders from St. Marc continue to provide care and relief for the large numbers of people who have fled Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the earthquake.  Some have come to stay while others are transient - on their way to other parts of the country.

Planting Seeds for Partnership

We rejoice in an unprecedented spirit of collaboration to bring support to our sisters and brothers in Haiti in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and its aftermath.  We celebrate a partnership of those with a Heart for Haiti that presently includes:

Medical Volunteers Needed

We are seeking medical professionals who are interested and available to volunteer in Haiti.  Volunteers will fly into the Dominican Republic, be transported to Port-au-Prince by vehicle to serve for five days, then return to the Dominican Republic to fly back to the US.  Medical professionals who are interested in applying for these service opportunities should do the following:

Concern for Haiti

Our Lott Carey Churches in and around St. Marc, Haiti are busy feeding and caring for internally displaced persons who have been leaving Port-au-Prince.  We understand that people have been arriving in St. Marc by the hundreds daily.  Resources are being sent to assist in caring for those who are arriving in need.  Thanks for making resources available for this need in addition to the support for medical care and rescue and recovery work in Port-au-Prince.

Mobilizing Support for Haiti

We rejoice in a growing momentum of concern and generosity around the world since the 12 January 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti. Once again, the Lott Carey Network is demonstrating its capacity to mobilize swiftly and significantly to be a blessing to those who struggle.  Thank you for your open hearts and open hands.

We received this message from our partners in Haiti today

“It has been very difficult to get definitive news on the pastors, their churches and congregants in the Lott Carey network.  Most people in St Marc (which is north of Port-au-Prince) are not getting news about Port-au-Prince and the other southwest regions impacted by the earthquake.  Pastor Marc-Pierre-Louis, President of our network of churches in Haiti, has had reports of a couple of churches destroyed in the Petit Goave region.  In Leogane, which is very near the epicenter of the earthquake, one Lott Carey Church is cracked and split completely down the middle!  We

Supporting First Responders

We are supporting first responder volunteers in Haiti through our partnership with Baptist World Aid.  Our support, along with others, has helped experienced first responders, such as some from Hungary, to go to Haiti for faithful and difficult service.  The article below represents one story that helps us learn about the depth of tragedy that people are enduring in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Responses to January 10, 2010 Earthquake

The news of the earthquake's devastation in the Republic of Haiti continues to be overwhelming.  We are encouraged, however, about the compassion that is inspiring the Lott Carey network to move quickly

Massive Earthquake hits Haiti

A massive earthquake struck Haiti the evening of 12 January 2010.  It was the worst earthquake in 200 years.  Lott Carey is receiving funds to support families impacted by the tragedy in partnership L'Union Strategique des Eglesis Baptistes d'Haiti.  Our partners are a network of 22 churches through whom we will reach people in commun


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