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Pray for Immigration Controversy Injuring Haitians

The people who live in the island nation of Haiti faced a natural disaster of historic proportion four years ago when a devastating earthquake destroyed lives, livelihoods, and properties in January 2010.  Unlike most of the world that has "moved on" to other things, Lott Carey has stayed engaged through financial support, building homes, deploying missionaries, and advocacy for just policies. 


Haiti is facing another disaster of historic proportion.  This one is at the hands of their island neighbor, the Dominican Republic.


In September 2013 the Dominican Republic Constitutional Court issued a ruling which strips away the citizenship of certain longtime residents, some with families that have been living in the Dominican Republic for several generations.  The ruling denies citizenship to anyone born after 1929 that does not have at least one parent of "Dominican blood".  The ruling essentially legalizes the retroactive denial of citizenship of longtime Dominican Republic residents, without regard to whether they were born on Dominican soil.  The clear target of the ruling was the Dominican Republic's Haitian immigrant population, who come into the country seeking work in the sugar plantations and other low wage earning positions (judicial racism).   
The ruling potentially leaves 200,000 Dominican citizens of Haitian descent subject to deportation.  Many of the Haitians affected by this ruling don't speak Creole, have never been to Haiti and have no ties to Haiti.  This policy is the latest of a long history of abuses that Haitians have endured at the hands of the Dominicangovernment.  The international community has spoken against the ruling as being a violation of basic human rights and has called for a change in this policy.  


The first Sunday of 2014 - January 5 - has been designated as a day of prayer for the immigration controversy involving the Dominican Republic and Haiti.


Please join us in calling upon the God of righteousness to stir up the spirit of justice in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  This matter has been brought to the attention of regional and international bodies.  We must also bring our petition to the attention of the Creator of humanity, Deliverer of the oppressed, and Lover of the world.


Find information below to inform your prayers and your petitions.

(Haitian Times)


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