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On the 3rd Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

A devastating earthquake "rocked the world" of Haitians on 12 January 2010.  Three years have passed, and most of the world doesn't pay much attention to Haiti anymore.  Too many promises have not kept.  Too much money has not been spent (or it has been spent in ways that do not benefit the Haitian survivors).  Life continues to be a grind for too many Haitians. 
The Lott Carey way, however, is to light a candle rather than curse the darkness.  On the third anniversary of the event that "rocked the world" of our Haitian siblings, I wanted to share with you some examples of how you have made an impact.  People's lives are better because of our Lott Carey investments.
For example:
  1. Lott Carey serves as the administrator and coordinator of the African American Baptist Mission Collaboration ( which is a partnership with the National Baptist Convention, USA; National Baptist Convention of America; National Missionary Baptist Convention of America; Progressive National Baptist Convention; and Lott Carey that pledged and paid a $1 million grant in 2010 to Habitat for Humanity International to provide housing for families in Haiti. 
  2. The AABMC investment with Habitat provided more than 1600 transitional shelters; invested in 500 hundred permanent houses; provided sanitation solutions for the houses; distributed emergency kits for repairs; and employed 700 people construction related work.
Beyond the collaboration work of the AABMC, your investments have enabled Lott Carey to do the following:
  1. The first year of the work of AABMC was funded by the denominational partners.  Lott Carey has funded and staffed the AABMC program for the second year.
  2. Provided cash grants to families.
  3. Provided grocery grants to families.
  4. Provided food service for a hospital treating earthquake victims through buying food from Haitian farmers and contracting Haitian caterers to prepare the food.
  5. Trained pastors, spouses, and community leaders to minister to people suffering from trauma.
  6. Funded youth camps for young people impacted by the earthquake.
  7. Funded medical distribution and water treatment solutions to combat cholera.
  8. Lott Carey churches are funding and Lott Carey is raising additional funding for a new 56 home planned community - the Lambi Sustainable Village.
  9. Lott Carey churches have funded individual housing replacement construction.
  10. A Lott Carey church is financing a community center.
  11. Lott Carey churches are providing scholarship support for orphans.
  12. Lott Carey churches have provided nursing uniforms.
  13. Lott Carey churches have made and sent "pillowcase dresses" for girls.
  14. Lott Carey has deployed short-term medical missions teams.
  15. Lott Carey has deployed short-term evangelistic and children's ministry teams.
  16. Lott Carey has deployed construction teams (we sent 63 men in November and December and hope to send 37 more during 2 - 9 March 2013 to reach our goal of 100 Men on Mission).
  17. Lott Carey is deploying a short-term pastoral team in late January.
  18. Lott Carey is seeking to develop a large scale sustainable energy program.
  19. Lott Carey is working to invest in sustainable agricultural production.
  20. Lott Carey continues to provide monthly support to a network of churches seeking to make and mature disciples for Jesus in Haiti
These are examples of our ongoing investment in Haiti for which we seek your continued prayer, participation, and financial support.  So-called donor fatigue, the failures of other large organizations, the struggles of the Haitian government, and the global economic recession all work against us. 
We continue to learn that as we are faithful, God provides.  As our Lott Carey family responds to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we will continue "helping people rise again."
You can visit some of your work through the following Lott Carey Herald Magazines found on our web site (

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2012 August/Annual Session Herald pdf - Faith, Hope, and Love in Haiti

Lott Carey's initial investments in Haiti began in 1916.  By God's grace and with your help, we plan to stay engaged. 

We are thankful for your partnership in this ministry as we remember those who perished and those who persevere on the third anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.


Rev. David E. Goatley, Ph.D.